Relazioni della campagna glaciologica 2017

Baroni C. (1), Bondesan A. (2), Carturan L. (3), Chiarle M. (4) - A cura di, 2018, Relazioni della campagna glaciologica 2017, Geografia fisica e dinamica quaternaria (Testo stamp.) 41 (2018): 115–193. doi_10.4461/ GFDQ 2018.41.17,

Annual reports are here presented on the frontal variations of Italian glaciers detected during the 2017 glaciological survey, conducted by about 200 volunteer operators in the three Alpine sectors (Piemonte - Valle d'Aosta, Lombardy and Triveneto) and in the Apennines (Calderone Glacier, Gran Sasso Group). 109 glaciers were visited in the Piemonte - Valle d'Aosta sector (58 were measured), 20 in the Lombardy Sector (16 measured), 54 in the Triveneto Sector (45 measured) and 1 in the Apennines. A specific section is dedicated since this year to the mass balance of 17 Italian glaciers monitored during the 2016- 2017 hydrological year.

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