Real-time flood forecasting by relating local stage and remote discharge

Silvia Barbetta, Tommaso Moramarco, 2014, Real-time flood forecasting by relating local stage and remote discharge, Hydrological sciences journal (Online) 59 (2014): 1656–1674. doi_10.1080/02626667.2014.884717,

The Rating Curve Model (RCM) proposed by Moramarco et al. (2005) is modified here for a flood forecasting purpose without using rainfall information. RCM is a simple approach for discharge assessment at a river site of interest based on relating the local recorded stage and the remote discharge monitored at an upstream gauged river site located some distance away. The proposed forecast model for Real-Time application, named RCM-RT, involves only two parameters and can be used for river reaches where significant lateral flows can occur. The forecast lead-time depends on the mean wave travel time of the reach. The model is found accurate for a long reach of the Po River (northern Italy) and for two branches of the Tiber River (central Italy) characterized by different intermediate drainage areas and wave travel times. Moreover, the assessment of the forecast uncertainty coming from the model parameters is investigated by performing a Monte Carlo Simulation. Finally, the model capability to accurately forecast the exceedance of fixed hydrometric thresholds is analysed.

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