L’inquinamento e il sovrasfruttamento delle risorse idriche sotterranee pugliesi

Cotecchia, V. Polemio, M., 1997, L’inquinamento e il sovrasfruttamento delle risorse idriche sotterranee pugliesi, VI Workshop del Progetto Strategico "Clima, Ambiente e Territorio nel Mezzogiorno", pp. 447–484, TAORMINA, 13-15 Dicembre 1995,
URL: http://www.cnr.it/prodotto/i/251684

Research carried out in recent years by CERIST operating unit has investigate Apulian hydrogeological unit groundwater. Different technologies have been applied by researchers, such as_ multiparameter hydrogeochemical studies of the evolution of groundwater chemism; thermal infrared survey of coasts where springs were found; studies of varied space distribution of piezometric heads, salinity and water temperature; studies of hydrogeological relationships existing between various underground and sometimes very deep "mains d'eau" studies of protection methods of groundwater against saline pollution. Recently, research has also focused on human-related pollution of Apulian aquifers. This subject has aroused great topical interest following the continuous and senseless use-of the subsoil for waste water collection. Authors particularly refer to the health, environmental and economic emergency that hit our Region in 1994. The effects of human activity on groundwater pollution and depletion are described, alongside indirect effects connected with continental seawater intrusion. Therefore, the need is felt to protect regional groundwater resources and recycle water wasted so far. A more rigorous discharge of depurator waste water into the subsoil 15 strongly recommended.

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