Integrated high-resolution dataset of high-intensity European and Mediterranean flash floods

Amponsah W.; Ayral P.-A.; Boudevillain B.; Bouvier C.; Braud I.; Brunet P.; Delrieu G.; DIdon-Lescot J.-F.; Gaume E.; Lebouc L.; Marchi L.; Marra F.; Morin E.; Nord G.; Payrastre O.; Zoccatelli D.; Borga M., 2018, Integrated high-resolution dataset of high-intensity European and Mediterranean flash floods, Earth system science data (Print) 10 (2018): 1783–1794. doi_10.5194/essd-10-1783-2018,

This paper describes an integrated, high-resolution dataset of hydro-meteorological variables (rainfall and discharge) concerning a number of high-intensity flash floods that occurred in Europe and in the Mediterranean region from 1991 to 2015. This type of dataset is rare in the scientific literature because flash floods are typically poorly observed hydrological extremes. Valuable features of the dataset (hereinafter referred to as the EuroMedeFF database) include (i) its coverage of varied hydro-climatic regions, ranging from Continental Europe through the Mediterranean to Arid climates, (ii) the high space-time resolution radar rainfall estimates, and (iii) the dense spatial sampling of the flood response, by observed hydrographs and/or flood peak estimates from post-flood surveys. Flash floods included in the database are selected based on the limited upstream catchment areas (up to 3000 km2), the limited storm durations (up to 2 days), and the unit peak flood magnitude. The EuroMedeFF database comprises 49 events that occurred in France, Israel, Italy, Romania, Germany and Slovenia, and constitutes a sample of rainfall and flood discharge extremes in different climates. The dataset may be of help to hydrologists as well as other scientific communities because it offers benchmark data for the identification and analysis of the hydro-meteorological causative processes, evaluation of flash flood hydrological models and for hydro-meteorological forecast systems. The dataset also provides a template for the analysis of the space-time variability of flash flood triggering rainfall fields and of the effects of their estimation on the flood response modelling. The dataset is made available to the public with the following DOI_ https_//

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