Catchments network on badlands around Mediterranean area (RESOBAM)

Yoann Copard , Caroline Lebouteiller, David Regues-Munoz, Jerome Latron , Albert Sole?-Benet , Yolanda Canton, Estela Nadal-Romero, Marta Della Seta, Mauro Rossi, Domenico Capolongo, Olivier Maquaire, Estelle Forey, Christian Di-Giovanni, Francesc Gallart, Maurizio Delmonte, Francesca Vergari, Nicolas Massei, and Dino Torri, 2016, Catchments network on badlands around Mediterranean area (RESOBAM), EGU2016, vienna, 10/04/2016,

Between 2013 and 2014, a network funded by MISTRALS-ENVIMED institution, was born around some instrumented catchments developing a badland-type morphology. This network has grouped 3 countries (France, Spain and Italy) with 12 scientific labs. RESOBAM has concerned two sites in France (Draix-Ble?one and Vaches Noires), three in Spain (Vallcebre, Araguas and El Cautivo) and some sites in Italy (Tuscany, Basilicata). Main goal of this network was to federate the research around badlands at the European scale, by proposing some scientific topics as_ sediment and water transports / budget, (bio)geochemical cycles, agricultural (farming), education, restoration, cultural heritage, soil conservation / biodiversity, climatic change etc. Other main interests were also to propose some common scientific projects and the development of students exchanges. This communication presents the synthesis of our four meetings held at Draix, Zaragoza, Almeria? and Rouen and some perspectives to continue this network.

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