A smart geotechnical model in emergency conditions_ A case study of a medium-deep landslide in Southern Italy

Giovanni GULLA' Luigi ACETO Loredana ANTRONICO Luigi BORRELLI Roberto COSCARELLI Francesco PERRI, 2018, A smart geotechnical model in emergency conditions_ A case study of a medium-deep landslide in Southern Italy, Engineering geology 234 (2018): 138–152. doi_10.1016/j.enggeo.2018.01.008,
URL: http://www.cnr.it/prodotto/i/383497

Slope failures are the result of various predisposing factors (geo-structural and morphological conditions, topography, geotechnical characteristics, etc.). In an ordinary phase, a typical slope stability analysis includes the identification of factors that can trigger a slope failure, its mechanisms, the modelling of stability conditions and their assessment during critical situations. To define the predisposing and triggering factors, integrated monitoring represents an essential and powerful tool. In this paper, referring to the case study of a medium-deep landslide that occurred in Calabria (Southern Italy) during the winter of 2009-2010, a method and means of defining an emergency geotechnical model (smart geotechnical model) using a geological model are proposed. The definition of both models considers the resources that may be obtained in an emergency and the short time available to achieve the objectives (protection of public and private safety, restoration of normal conditions, etc.). The proposed method allows the orderly and systematic acquisition, under emergency conditions, of data that are useful for the management of a particular situation and for defining an initial cognitive state of the problem. These elements can be particularly effective in both emergency (to manage risk using progressively quantitative knowledge) and ordinary conditions to plan, design, realize and manage definitive measures for risk adaptation, mitigation and reduction. Moreover, the same knowledge can provide useful references to typify landslides that occur in similar geo-environmental contexts.

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