An updated sediment source areas inventory in the Rio Cordon catchment (Dolomites)

Evaluation of anthropogenic effects on the sediment delivery dynamics in response to slope instability

Landslides, floods and sinkholes in a karst environment: the 1-6 September 2014 Gargano event, southern Italy

Mapping color fluctuations in the photon in ultraperipheral heavy ion collisions at the Large Hadron Collider

Soil-gas radon anomalies in three study areas of central-northern Calabria (southern Italy)

Analysis of acoustic emission patterns for monitoring of rock slope deformation mechanisms

Daily precipitation estimation through different microwave sensors: Verification study over Italy

Flood probability quantification for road infrastructure: Data-driven spatial-statistical approach and case study applications

Response time and water origin in a steep nested catchment in the Italian Dolomites

Long-term patterns of change in a vanishing cultural landscape: a GIS-based assessment.

The altitudinal temperature lapse rates applied to high elevation rockfalls studies in the Western European Alps

Exploring the effects of seismicity on landslides and catchment sediment yield: An Italian case study

A Gis Spatial Analysis Model For Landslide Hazard Mapping Application In Alpine Area

Measures of Spatial Autocorrelation Changes in Multitemporal SAR Images for Event Landslides Detection

High density distributed strain sensing of landslide in large scale physical model

Assessing future changes in the occurrence of rainfall-induced landslides at a regional scale

Application of a high resolution distributed temperature sensor in a physical model reproducing subsurface water flow

Assessment of erosion and deposition in steep mountain basins by differencing sequential digital terrain models

Stochastic analysis of long dry spells in Calabria (Southern Italy)

Rainfall estimation by inverting SMOS soil moisture estimates: A comparison of different methods over Australia

Lava-flow hazard with optimized non-uniform grid of vents

A Geomechanical Approach to Landslide Hazard Assessment: The Multiscalar Method for Landslide Mitigation

Photo-geology of the Montefalco Quaternary Basin, Umbria, Central Italy

Hydrometeorological Characterization of a Flash Flood Associated with Major Geomorphic Effects: Assessment of Peak Discharge Uncertainties and Analysis of the Runoff Response

Le valutazioni geomorfologiche sono necessarie per la valutazione del rischio alluvionale

Campagna glaciologica 2015: osservazioni ai ghiacciai Arguerey e Breuil (La Thuile, Aosta)

Joints representation strategy: performance evaluation by a Finite Element code. A feasibility analysis of a tunnel infrastructure in the Carnian Alps

Osservazioni generali per i ghiacciai del gruppo Miravidi-Lechaud

A procedure for the analysis of building vulnerability to slow-moving landslides

An integrated approach for landslide characterization in a historic centre

Numerical code calibration for the back analysis of debris flow runout in southern Italy

Che finanziamenti per la ricerca e quale ricerca per il Paese?

Metodi per la valutazione della pericolosità dei fenomeni di dissesto dei versanti: l’esperienza del POR Calabria 2000-2006

Geometric and kinematic characterization of landslides affecting urban areas: the Lungro case study (Calabria, Suthern Italy)

Analysis of the flooding event of october 22-23, 2005 in a small basin in the province of Bari (Southern Italy)

Semi-auxetic Optical Fibre Distributed Load Sensor

Laboratori in sito e reti integrate di monitoraggio degli eventi di dissesto idrogeologico per la gestione sostenibile del rischio e per lo sviluppo di processi e tecnologie innovativi

Traces of the active Capitignano and San Giovanni faults (Abruzzi Apennines, Italy)

Taking Advantage of the ESA G-POD Service to Study Ground Deformation Processes in High Mountain Areas: A Valle d?Aosta Case Study, Northern Italy

Multi-scale debris flow vulnerability assessment and direct loss estimation of buildings in the Eastern Italian Alps

Modeling the effects induced by the expected climatic trends on landslide activity at large scale

Glacier melting increases the solute concentrations of himalayan glacial lakes

Geochemistry of groundwater at the seawater/freshwater interface of the Santa Cesarea thermal springs (south Italy)

Automatic delineation of geomorphological slope units with r.slopeunits v1.0 and their optimization for landslide susceptibility modeling

Analysis of the mass balance time series of glaciers in the Italian Alps.

A minimal model approach for glacier length modeling in the Western Italian Alps

A Low-Cost Optical Remote Sensing Application for Glacier Deformation Monitoring in an Alpine Environment

Universality of nucleon-nucleon short-range correlations: The factorization property of the nuclear wave function, the relative and center-of-mass momentum distributions, and the nuclear contacts


Spatiotemporal densification of river water level time series by multimission satellite altimetry

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