III World Meeting on Terraced Landscapes “Terraced Landscapes: Choosing the Future”

After the 1st World Meeting held in China in 2010 and the 2nd one held in Peru in 2014, the representatives of the International Terraced Landscapes Alliance announce the third Meeting scheduled in Italy between October 6th and 15th 2016.

The Meeting will bring together stone masons and terrace farmers, researchers and institutions, inhabitants, consumers and producers, artisans and associations to commit to intercultural dialogue in favour of the manifold value of terraced areas, able to combine agro-food production, soil conservation, transmission of knowledge and techniques, social justice with the preservation of a fascinating landscape.

The opening of the World Meeting will take place in Venice. Then the participants will leave for workshops and field visits to 11 different terraced areas in Italy (Chiavari-Lavagna and Vernazza/Cinque Terre, Canavese-Valle d’Aosta, Valtellina, Valpolicella, Ossola Valley, Trentino, Brenta Valley, Dordolla-Topolò, Trieste coast, Amalfi and Ischia, Pantelleria). The general assembly will gather again for the final days of deliberation at the University of Padua to plan future actions.

The Meeting is promoted by the Veneto Region, the University of Padua and the IUAV University of Venice with the support of the International Terraced Landscapes Alliance, its Italian Branch. UNESCO, Italia Nostra, Slow Food, Italian Alpine Club and WWF Italia are some of the main associations that will promote the initiative, concurring to the protection and promotion of terraced landscapes’ environment, heritage and quality of life.

CNR IRPI will be a scientific sponsor of the event, together with University of Genoa, the municipalities of Chiavari, Lavagna and Vernazza (located in Regione Liguria and among the 11 secondary sites of the meeting), where the workshop “Enviromental and hydrogeological risk” will also be held.

Workshops and mini-symposia will be organized from October 2015 to October 2016, to prepare the official symposium.

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