A method for the assessment of the influence of bedding on landslide abundance and types

Santangelo M.; Marchesini I.; Cardinali M.; Fiorucci F.; Rossi M.; Bucci F.; Guzzetti F., 2014, A method for the assessment of the influence of bedding on landslide abundance and types, Landslides (Berl., Print) 12 (2014). doi_10.1007/s10346-014-0485-x,
URL: http://www.cnr.it/prodotto/i/280016

Bedding planes are a known factor that controls the type, abundance and pattern of landslides. Where layered rocks crop out, the geometrical relationships between the attitude of the bedding and the geometry of the terrain is crucial to understand landslide phenomena. Obtaining information on bedding attitude for large areas through field surveys is time-consuming, and resource intensive, hampering the possibility of quantitative investigations on the control of bedding planes on landslides. We propose a GIS-based method to extract information on bedding planes from the analysis of information captured through the visual interpretation of stereoscopic aerial photographs and a digital representation of the terrain. We tested the method in the Collazone study area, Umbria, Central Italy, where we used spatially distributed information on beddings and terrain information obtained from a 10 × 10-m DEM to determine morpho-structural domains. We exploited the morpho-structural terrain zonation, in combination with landslide information for the same area, to investigate the role of beddings in controlling the distribution and abundance of landslides in the study area. We found that beddings condition the location and abundance of relict and deep-seated landslides, most abundant in cataclinal slopes, and do not condition significantly the shallow landslides. We expect the method to facilitate the production of maps of morpho-structural domains in layered geological environments. This will contribute to a better understanding of landslide phenomena and to foster the preparation of advanced landslide susceptibility and hazard models. © 2014 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

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