The sea storm of March 21, 2018 on the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast

The report deals with the storm that on March 21, 2018 hit the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, with wind up 70 km/h causing sea waves 6 – 7 meters high. The first part of the report contains news from press and websites concerning damage caused by the sea. The second part contains the results of on-site surveys carried out by IRPI-Cosenza staff in the most affected placed.
The storm mainly damaged tourist and commercial structures. About 5 million euros of damage were estimated to cultivated fields, especially to the typical “Tropea onion”, cultivated between Lamezia Terme and Campora San Giovanni

The report is available at the following link »

Autors: Angela Aurora Pasqua, Claudia Bruno, Salvatore Guardia, Enzo Valente, Olga Petrucci