Partenariato di studio e documentazione a supporto dell’attività legislativa sugli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile e focus sul geoscambio termico



The topic of low geothermal enthalpy is crucial as a strategy to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
With this in mind, the structuring of environmental knowledge and information on the topic of low geothermal enthalpy in its various forms and a test site activity to deepen current knowledge on the regulatory context and on the effects on subsoil and on groundwater of geothermal plants is envisaged on a territorial basis.


On the topic of environmental impacts, there are still numerous scientific-technological efforts to be made, so that the installations can be carefully assessed in the ordinary technical-administrative procedures without important ecological aspects or other natural risk factors being avoided by the decision maker.
The purpose of the agreement is to limit these risks, with particular reference to the territory of Puglia.


Legislative and legislative review, Geodatabase, Experimental site, study of natural hazards.


Base dati, Geodatabase, Rapporti, Proposte normative, sperimentazione in sito.


Database, Geodatabase, Reports, Regulatory proposals, on-site tests, scientific papers.