IRPI participates to the Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between CNR and University of Malta


The Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection is in one of the 4 Research Projects funded under the Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between CNR and the University of Malta (UoM) – Biennial Programme 2018/2019. The Project title is “From population risk perception to social vulnerability in coastal areas subject to climate change: a proposal for risk management strategies in two Mediterranean regions”. Loredana Antronico, Researcher of the IRPI Cosenza office (, is the scientific responsible for the Italian group.

The principal objectives of the Project  can be summarised in the following items: i) Identification of the population’s awareness, perception and preparation concerning the effects that climate change has on the environment and especially on coastal areas, by means of online questionnaires; ii) Proposal of a specific Index of Social Vulnerability, to be evaluated through the results of the online survey, as reducing/increasing factor of the exposure and the vulnerability of population living in coastal areas; iii) Proposing useful tools to local authorities and to responsible of territory planning and of risk prevision, prevention and management.