A play at the Alfieri theatre in Torino. IRPI provides scientific advice


On November 17, 2016 the play “The man who weighed the world” (in Italian “L’uomo che pesò il mondo”) will be staged at the Alfieri Theater in Turin. It will be directed by C. Capato and the main character will be the actor of Maltese origins J. Scicluna. The play is part of the celebrations for the 15th anniversary of the Foundation of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Turin. The CNR-IRPI offered the scientific advice for the drafting and implementation of the work. This latter, born from an idea of Massimo Arattano, is part of a series entitled “Physics in the theater” which aims to accomplish a divulgation of scientific knowledge that may involve people in an original and intriguing way.

Link: http://www.foit.it/calendario-eventi/dettaglievento/932/-/15-anni-foit#.WA40XeWLSHu

Poster teatrale